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Visit our e-Commerce blog for ideas about the exploding arena of commerce on the World Wide Web. Read our posts for help with determining how e-commerce might work with your particular business model.

Determining your e-business objectives

To jump-start your thinking, consider some typical goals and objectives for E-Business.

Typical E-Business Goals and Objectives

Goal: Use the Internet to expand my business.

Objective: Within 30 days, be able to communicate my company name, its strong points, products and services, benefits, prices, customer list, etc. to new customers & prospects

Goal: Expand my sales outside my local area.

Objective: Build national web presence on-line so that I am getting 25% of total sales from outside my local sales area within 90 days

Goal: Sell products on-line on a 24/7 basis.

Objective: Achieve 15% of total product volume through on-line sales within 120 days

Goal: Reduce overall marketing expenses.

Objective: Cut costs of printing my marketing materials by 50% by referring people to my web site; cut costs of Yellow Pages advertising by 70% by shrinking my Yellow Pages ad from a full page to a quarter page that includes my website address

Goal: Enhance customer service.

Objective: Provide instant information to prospects and customers by making it possible to view product descriptions, FAQ's, price information and applications information directly from my site

Goal: Use the Internet to showcase my product or service.

Objective: Offer an interactive web demo that sells my product; publish testimonials and case studies that show how customers have benefited from my product or service


Published Wednesday, May 17, 2006 4:33 PM by cathyk
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